3 Tools For Learning European Portuguese

ACM Alto Comissariado para as Migrações (High Commision for Migration )

I want to learn European Portuguese

Practice Portuguese language by completing the available exercises, tests and exams throught ACM’s website (High commission for migration).

Cost: Free

Level: A1 and B1

High Comision for migration Read in: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Arabic at ACM website.

Requirements: Willingness to learn Portuguese, patience and resilience.

Overview: Learning or deepening the Portuguese language is an important tool for a life project in Portugal, whether it is to study, live or work.

Now you can do it through this platform, autonomously, free of charge and at your own pace.

I want to write Portuguese characters

Pleco offers several characters foreign language options for writing in English, Chinese, PinYin, Japanese, Russian, Pinyin, Greek, and Latin. You only need to install the app on your iOS or Android mobile phone. It’s also free.

Pleco was useful while living in China and learning writing PinYin on the first two levels of Chinese as it was to write in Portuguese. My English and Dutch friends in Portugal had never heard of it but it makes difference in both languages.

I want to translate from English to Portuguese

At last, I’d like to mention the Cambridge English Dictionary, one more helpful online tool that I’ve been using for many years, and allows all my English and Dutch friends residents in Portugal to search for vocabulary. It’s a great tool to look for translating a sentence up to 160 characters, enough for writing an email in Portuguese and very accurate.

Learning a foreign language is funny, it can help while travelling and make friends, when we experience other countries’cultures. Life skills are essential, too!

Specialitá – Specialism

Aos portugueses: se quiserem e precisarem de editar textos, vou escrever um blog post sobre o tema: English writing skills essential tools. As ferramentas de trabalho são todas gratuitas e a trabalhar bastante já nós estamos habituados. Com a internet, fazemos tudo sozinhos e chegamos onde nos proposermos.

Aos portugueses emigrantes que começam finalmente a chegar, bem-vindos!

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