25 Sources To Help Funding Your Course in the UK

Effective Fundraising and Leadership in Arts and Culture (University of Leeds & Arts Council England)

Take a look at funding databases, lists, and sites which include these 25 such as:

1 British Council – Study UK 🇬🇧

Anything is Possible’

2 Save the Student! 🧠🧠🧠 In my opinion, ‘Save the Student’ is the most informative website in regard to Finance England and Finance Wales to new students in the UK besides they have tons of tips on how to make some money through apps and other sources. Give it a go.

3 UCAS – Additional Funding

UCAS is the website where you should register up to five courses and apply to university 🎓.

4 Women’s Resilience Funding

5 The Ruth Hayman Trust

The Ruth Hayman Trust gives educational grants to adults who have come to settle in the UK and whose first language is not English.

The next closing date for grant applications is  26th August 2020

6 National Association of Student Money Advisers

7 Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Many other sources of funding help within this amazing website.

8 The scholarship COSARAF Charitable Foundation’s education support package is open to UK Muslim students who face financial hardship and, ideally, are the first in their family to attend university. Priority will be given to those for whom the award will make the most difference and who demonstrate a clear plan to give back to their communities and wider society.

The Sheikh Family Scholarship supports underprivileged Muslim students through top universities. Scholarship application process will reopen in October 2020.

9 The Savoy Educational Trust 💪

The Savoy Educational Trust is an independent, grant-giving charitable trust, whose main aim is to advance and develop education, training, and qualifications within the hospitality industry.

10 It is worth looking at the Charity Commission website where you can find all registered charities in England and Wales. I believe there are about 8,000 to look at, in England & Wales, here!

11 The Bell Educational Trust

Education is at the heart of everything they do. A world united by intercultural understanding, they believe in the power of language education to transform lives, remove barriers, and unlock the world for their students and so do I.

12 CAF Charity Grants

‘A grant is more than just a donation; it carries a commitment to delivering particular work and reporting on the impact of that work.’ Find GRANT PROGRAMMES list either running by themselves, or managing on behalf of other companies, trusts or foundations.

13 European Funding Guide

Find Money For Your Education

14 Trusts That Found Education

There is a list from the free Charity Excellence Framework online toolkit Maximising Income questionnaire. To access the full list of 50+, you must register.

15 Charity Choice

16 Educational Trust Forum

17 Turn2us

Turn2us is a national charity helping people when times get tough. They provide financial support to help people get back on track and the majority of reliable websites refer to Turn2us. You need a post-code in the UK 🇬🇧 to access.

18 Grants for Individuals by Grants Gov.UK

19 Uni Grants: Wales, England, Scotland and Ireland 

20 Postgraduate Studentships

All types of funding, all for postgraduate

(Masters and Ph.D.)

21 Grantmaking bodies A-Z

22 Bibliographical Society Minor Grants

Minor Grants. The Society offers a limited number of minor grants, of £50 to £200, for specific purposes such as the costs of travel or of microfilming for research purposes (but not for attendance at, or travel to, conferences).

How to apply?

23 GrantsOnline

Funding and more funding and grants!

24 How To Get a Graduate Job?

Make your graduate job search easier and land the graduate job you want with help from the UK’s leading graduate coaching company with this new online free course. It doesn’t take too besides it’s free and learning from an expert is worth the time.

25 National Careers Service in the UK

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